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Welcome to vinemotion, where you will find your wine following your feeling!

Wine is incredibly diverse: regions, grape varieties, terroir, technique, storage, experience - but above all the passion and willingness of the vintner to experiment. Finding not only good wine from this wide diversity, but also exactly the right wine for your occasion - and above all one which pleases your pallet - is not always easy even for experts.

And yet: wine also just passes through four seasons, each of which helps to decide what will become the final result in the cellar. Wine also just needs the four basic elements of air, water, earth and warmth. And wine is either light and fresh, classical and elegant, full of finesse and harmonious or powerful and opulent.

Wine is laborious manual work, made by people with diligence and passion. And every vintner tells his own story. Kerstin Bernardi, ‘Diploma in wines and spirits’ and sommelier has been listening to them while helping in the vineyard. And that is how the range of wines from vinemotion was created.

vinemotion - the diverse world of wine which - put simply - is broken down into just four categories. Why not let vinemotion guide and accompany you - with all of their love and feeling for wine: light & fresh like the summer, classical & elegant like the festive occasion, full of finesse & harmonious of enjoyment or powerful & opulent like the evening by the fireplace.